Simulator Rates 

Rivermoor's Trackman Simulator is up and running!!! Tee times can be made NOW! Please call 262-534-2500 press 4 to make tee times at the bar.

Tee times are available Tuesdays-Sunday. First tee time available at 9am, last tee time availablble at 7pm.

$40/hour (1 hour minimum)

Simulator  cost is $40 per hour, split between all who play.
For 18 holes we recommend 1 hour per player.  For 2 people to play 18 holes we suggest to book 2 hours, etc.
**For example, if you want to book 3 hours beginning at 9:00am, you’ll need to book the 9:00am, 10:00am, and 11:00am times.($120/3 people= $40/person: WHAT A DEAL FOR 3 HOURS OF FUN!!!)


Call and book your tee time today. 262-534-2500